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PANAS! Cerita Sebenar Skandal Lim Guang Eng.

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Was Ng Phaik Keng @ Rainbow @ Chai Hong a Honey trap set up by Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping for CM Lim Guan Eng?

We have written about Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping as one of the closest cronies of Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in Penang. This is the man who controls triad gangs involved in all the vices – from drugs, prostitution, smuggling, gambling to loan-sharking – but of course, all camouflaged by corporate forays and businesses.

Tan Kok Ping understands the vulnerabilities of men – he has to deal with many and many men especially those in powerful positions. Most men will fall for either one of these – Money, Sex or Power. And Lictor must be brought into play. And Lim Guan Eng was no different. Of course, the money deals involving properties and kickbacks were part of Tan Kok Ping’s arsenal used effectively on Lim Guan Eng, yet Kok Ping needed insurance that should the money factor do not work any longer then the sex and women factor must be used. In any event, it is cheaper too and often more effective.

Ng Phaik Keng is the lady who was romantically linked with Guan Eng. She certainly brought colour to into Guan Eng’s life. In fact Guan Eng led a terribly boring life – he is a typical kiasu Chinaman who loves to scold people, act clever and dominant and act macho, having a fake martyr complex coupled with an inferiority complex, thus putting him onto a collision and confrontational course with anyone who disagrees with him will invite venom and caustic remarks from him and also because his heart is full of bitterness for UMNO.

Anyway, back to Ng Phaik Keng – she was once a member of Koh Tsu Koon’s party, Gerakan in Penang when Gerakan ruled Penang. She was a graduate teacher in a Chinese school in Green Lane, Penang and when she saw the glamour of politics, she wanted in with the politicians in the limelight and especially the winners and so she cultivated her network and worked her way into Gerakan.

She was talented too as she was pretty good looking and with her beauty and using her voice and her linguistic ability in speaking good Mandarin, English and Bahasa Malaysia, she was quickly the emcee of choice at many Gerakan events.

By 2000, she was so popular in the party that she was the emcee at the National Delegates Convention that was held in Penang. She began to ask for more and so she demanded to be made a councillor and after 2004, she lobbied for the political secretary post to Koh Tsu Koon but was unsuccessful.

But the social climber that she was – she knew how to get her way with big shots – one of them then was Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping who was in Gerakan then – but that did not get much success until 2008 when the political tsunami struck and Gerakan lost power to DAP in Penang.

She immediately saw the opportunity and she jumped ship, leaving Gerakan in 2008 and applied for a job with the new DAP state government. Not only did she get the job but was made one of the 20 special officers in Guan Eng’s office. By then she had also completed her Masters degree at USM and immediately made an impression on Guan Eng. She was in the big team that went to Sarawak for the state election. There she impressed him even more with emcee skills and of course sweet attractiveness.

Tan Kok Ping remembered her and there were private meetings between them and it probably came as no surprise that when she was a special officer with Guan Eng, she facilitated many of Tan Kok Ping’s visits and meetings with Guan Eng.

It was Tan Kok Ping who arranged for Guan Eng to rent one of the bungalows in Pinhorn Road as his residence. The bungalow belonged to one of Kok Ping’s family members. But Kok Ping had an even more nefarious agenda because he encouraged Ng Phaik Keng to buy a three-storey terrace house in Slim Villas in Free School Road which is a stone throw away from where Guan Eng is staying. Kok Ping managed to persuade the developer to sell the unit to Phaik Keng at RM700,000 original developer selling price even though the market price of the house is around RM1.35 million.

The whole idea is to get Rainbow to stay near Guan Eng and in fact during the times when Betty was back in Melaka, Rainbow had visited him many times and Guan Eng too has dropped in to her house in Slim Villas. Was this engineered by Tan Kok Ping so that Guan Eng falls into the honey trap and will then be beholden to Kok Ping? Is this the reason why Tan Kok Ping remains so close to Guan Eng till this day – or is it that Guan Eng cannot remove himself from the clutches of this dangerous man and thus has to do his bidding and give in to his many demands.

When the scandal broke and Guan Eng was confronted with his affair with Rainbow, she was asked to leave because Guan Eng;’s wife, Betty Lim assaulted Guan Eng and then gave him an ultimatum and gave Rainbow her marching orders.

The story of Rainbow will continue because she is still staying in Slim Villas and Guan Eng simply cannot forget her – forbidden fruit tastes sweeter anyway. But Betty is on full alert. Behind the scenes, Tan Kok Ping is planning special activities and encounters for the two-love birds…were there such close encounters and forbidden weekends and getaways that took place in the past year or so?

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